According to SMODA Magazine: “With indomitable spirit and a rock soul, interior designer María Lladó is a natural-born conqueror. Her style and spaces are unmistakable. She mixes blithely leather, sequins, art and street market objet.”

According to AD Magazine: “María tunes, transforms, invents, fights and mixes everything. Past, present, future, castanets, chic and tacky, art and trinkets, the 19th century and the 70´s (…) And Woody Allen felt literally in love with the world of María Lladó.”

According to Woody Allen: (we assume that he said something like this:) “And this house? Is it real? Who has decorated it? It´s just perfect to shoot some scenes of Vicky Cristina Barcelona!“, (in a more smart way and stuttering, as he use to.)

According to her best friend Manolo Moreno: “María is not a human being, she is a three-speed blender. She goes from 0 to 1000 in a flash She mixes this with that and with a little of everything, without fear, with her high heeled boots and a heart as big as Lars Von Trier´s ego, here rises the surprise, the unseen, the “i would have never thought of that, in brief, the wonderful thing.”